About Us

About Us

Anchor Bible Baptist Church is a growing congregation in a rural community located east of Eaton, Ohio, near West Alexandria, Ohio. It’s a place where you will find straightforward Bible preaching with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a place where the congregation sings the time-tested hymns with joy and enthusiasm. Come visit Anchor Bible Baptist to learn more about us!

We are:

  • Independent of any outside denominational hierarchy.
  • Bible-based in every part of ministry
    (1611 King James Authorized Version).
  • Soul winning and missions minded.
  • Separated and Non-Charismatic.

Anchor Bible Baptist Church is a family-focused church, recognizing that the first organism ordained by God is the family. The family is the foundation of both the church and society. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3) We believe that the best way to assist families in the struggles that we are challenged with every day is to preach the truth of the Scriptures. The Bible is not only “the Good Book,” but is the blueprint for success in every area of life, especially in that of the family.

Come visit us: you’re certain to receive a blessing from the word of God, and we would be honored to meet you and give you a chance to learn more about us. We’re only a few minutes away from Eaton, Ohio on State Route 35.